Kristen F

Dr. Omron is amazing! I went to him for my acne scars after years of trying all kinds of different remedies to get rid of them. He’s so accommodating and will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re happy with the outcome! I book all my appointments with Rosemary who is so sweet and also very accommodating. With my crazy busy schedule, sometimes it’s difficult to schedule doctor’s appointments but they make it work for me! I would recommend Omron Aesthetic to anyone!*

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Anna K

I found Dr. Omron on the Allergan website for Botox. I was in the market for a new Doc – with lots of business travel I set out to find a doctor that was closer to home than my other doctor in Los Gatos – and of the same caliber. Dr. Omron and his staff exceeded my expectations, Full stop. Dr. Omron is top notch, his content knowledge, his patience (he wasn’t in a hurry to get you out and on to the next) and is interaction is comfortable. Did I say he’s right here in MH!? Even if much of the medical treatment I need are “cosmetic”, I would only trust a medical professional. I can say today, I can make my switch to Dr. Omron with great confidence (I felt a bit uneasy about leaving my previous doctor, but when you’ve found the right fit, you know it!)*

Re the procedure, he explained everything to me in a helpful way, explained how much he would be using, where he would be putting it, and how he expected it to work (muscles, etc). Thinking back to my previous procedures, I think that part of the service was taken for granted… and while it might seem repetitious or a minor thing, it left a big impression on me after I walked out. He was thorough and thoughtful. I knew what he was doing, how much I would be paying, and Rosemary was just as helpful, and really nice.*

I found the office to be very comfortable and very clean, and inviting. Change is good, I am glad I made the call and the appt. I have a new Doctor. And yes… When I returned home, I received some compliments from hubby—maybe a bit soon but I will take it!!*

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Mimi G

This is the place to go for your personal care. Dr Omron and Rosemary are the “dynamic duo” who puts your needs first. They never do anything to you until they explain everything. Dr Omron is very easy to talk to when you have any concerns as well. He is his patient’s advocate.*

Their equipment is “state of the art.” Non-invasive with minimal recovery. No pain during or after a procedure. I have fair skin and within a few hours I am completely back to my old self. Love this place and their staff.
5 star all the way!!!*

For all your personal care; contact them. You’ll be glad you did!!!*

If you need to speak to one of his patients, you can call me as well. Just ask Rosemary for my phone number. (MiMi G)*

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Uta K

The first time I met with Dr. Omron was for a consultation. He was up front with what I could expect, that I would not see a noticeable change and that the procedure might cause a very slight distortion. He recommended a procedure that would give me similar results besides the cost was 50% less. What impressed me the most and exceeded my expectation, was his close attention to my desired outcome. He takes great care and pride in ensuring that I am happy with the results as evidenced by his courtesy follow-up appointments where he perfected my desired appearance.*

Another positive is that he and his staff never push any products nor treatments. The price list is readily available at the reception counter.*

The staff is welcoming and accommodating and Rosemary is delightful, as well. I am fortunate to have found Dr. Omron for he is not satisfied unless you are happy with the results, a win-win outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Omron and feel I am in excellent and caring hands and will continue to go for more treatments.*

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Natasha F

I found Dr. Omron through a friend’s referral.
To start with, I REALLY liked that the office is in a new building. The office itself was light and welcoming; Rosemary, who was working with the Dr. was sweet and made me feel welcome and at ease.
I saw Dr. Omron for (my FIRST, but not my last!!) a session of Sculpsure.
With prep and procedure, the whole thing lasted just under an hour.
I dressed and went about my day.
It was amazing! No recovery time; no pain; just got dressed and went about my day.
I would recommend Dr. Omron for this procedure to EVERYONE!*

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Rena P

I’m reposting this because #Yelp removed my post. This post is important to me as a seasoned Botox recipient. Dr Omron goes above and beyond for his patients. I want to ensure he gets the recognition he deserves!*

Friendly vibe, great office very modern. I surprised to have the dr. treat me. Dr. Omron has the best bedside manner. I have been looking for the right person for my Botox for some time. I think I found what I’m looking for. He is quite gentle with his technique. He takes the time to educate me about everything. I would definitely recommend him. I’m done looking for the “right” doctor. Oh and I love that everything is done by Dr. Omron. I think that that is key.*

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.


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