Get More Out of Your Obagi Purchases with the Obagi Medical Premier Points


What are Obagi Medical Premier Points?

Obagi Medical Premier Points are points you earn every time you purchase eligible Obagi products* from Omron Aesthetic Laser Institute that can be redeemed for free Obagi products


How Does It Work?

  • Download the Obagi Medical Premier Points App and start tracking your Obagi purchases
  • For every dollar spent, you receive points that are redeemable for Obagi products that will be sent directly from Obagi to you
  • Points may also be redeemed for eligible free non-prescription Obagi products based on your Premier Points total
*non-eligible products include tretinoin, Renova, Biafine and Blue Peels



How to Start Earning Obagi Medical Premier Points

  1.  Download the Obagi Premier Points App from the App Store on iPhone or the Play Store on Android
  2. Open the app on your smartphone and create your account
  3. Log your purchases by scanning product barcodes
  4. An office staff member with scan a unique practice QR code to confirm your in-office purchase(s)
  5. Keep track of your purchases and see a running total of your points
  6. Redeem points immediately or accumulate points for future use. Your products will ship directly to you

 Obagi Medical Premier Points



  • You earn free Obagi products simply by tracking your Obagi purchases with an easy-to-use app
  • Receive new product notifications and access to exclusive content and promotional offers
  • Get opportunities to earn extra bonus points and earn additional free products
  • Your Obagi products are shipped directly to you! No in-store pick-up required
*points cannot be redeemed for Rx products