Rosemary OmronAs the head of business development for Omron Aesthetic Laser Institute, Rosemary, is considered a jack of all trades and an expert in all aspects of the practice. She is a graduate of both San Diego State University, earning a B.A in Liberal Studies and San Jose State University, where she obtained her Master’s in Education and Administration and Supervision Credential. She is a native of the Bay Area, “born and breed” as she likes to refer to it and is excited about what Omron Aesthetic Laser Institute brings Morgan Hill. Her enthusiastic personality and education has helped her to achieve the customer satisfaction that their clientele is looking for today. Although, the aesthetic industry was not her first career, she has gained a deep knowledge of technology and services available to treat and improve your skin.

When you come to Omron Aesthetic Laser Institute she will educate you and take the mystery out of what treatment or procedure you may be interested in. As Dr. Omron’s wife they are constantly in conversation about how to bring their patients the most cutting edge technology that the non-invasive cosmetic industry has to offer, all the while ensuring that when you walk into their office, it’s all about you. She wants you to leave feeling great about yourself how your skin feels.